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The Best SME plan, for modern business owners

With the Circles.Life Partnership, Aspire Card users can access the best package and prices available to small business owners to work from anywhere and with peace of mind.

The best digital offering for SMEs

We're disrupting traditional offers,
and give you back your money and your time.

Simply the cheapest plan Business Owners have ever dreamt of

50 GB
40 GB + 10 GB**
50 GB
150 mins + 850 mins**
1,000 outgoing mins
SGD 25/mo

SGD 18.75/mo for new Aspire users*
SGD 35/mo
SGD 50/mo

Aspire Account & Card for all your business needs

Enjoy the smartest corporate card in Singapore:

• Activate it digitally for free in 5 minutes and earn cashback on your digital spends. No strings attached.

• Integrated with Google Pay, it also provides automatic expenses categorization and integration with Xero - no more paperwork.

1% cashback on following apps
Get Your Aspire Card

Lifetime discounted plan with Circles.Life

Enjoy the cheapest price only as an Aspire user:

•  S$18/mo unique price for 50GB and unlimited calls.

No commitment, activate it with your existing number or create a new one in minutes.

• October Exclusive Activation Offer:
New Aspire users will also benefit 100% Cashback on their first 3-month plan subscription when using the Aspire Card.

T&C: Cashback applicable to new Aspire users only. Offer valid in October and limited to 1 phone number per customers. Users need to make payment with the Aspire Card to enjoy the cashback.

eSIM: Switch easily your mobile to pro

Perfect for 2nd line for professionals: switch any time your apps and communication to pro from the same phone:

  • Activate it instantly and 100% digitally
  • Compatible with the most recent smartphones

How to Redeem My Reward?


Open Account

Open an Aspire Account for free and get your Aspire Card.


Request Reward

Access code via the Rewards section and follow the redemption instructions.


Enjoy Reward

Redeem your offer
on Circles.Life and pay with your Aspire Card to enjoy cashback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for Aspire customers only?

Everyone can register for a Circles.Life account. However, only Aspire customers are eligible for the special monthly price of S$18.

To be eligible to 3 months 100% cashback, user needs to have created his account in October 2020 and use Aspire Card to activate this plan.

Do I need to activate the Aspire Card to be Eligible?

Being an Aspire Customer allows you to access the offer. It is entirely free and takes 5 minutes to open your account digitally.

Paying with your Aspire Card as a new Aspire user will allow you to receive 100% cashback on your first 3 months subscription plan. We recommend using Aspire Card for security and to enjoy 1% cashback on Marketing and SaaS spend.

How many lines can I open with my Aspire Card?

You can sign up for as many lines as you want. However, the cashback is applicable to new users paying with the Aspire Card only and is limited to 1 phone number per customer.

How will I get my cashback?

Aspire will credit your cashback monthly and directly on your Aspire Account.
To be eligible to 3 months 100% cashback, user needs to have created this account in October and use Aspire Card to activate the plan.

Which phone is compatible with the eSIM?

The most recent smartphones are compatible with e-SIMs, for more details, please check the list on the Circles.Life website, here.

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