Explore SWIFT code for Amman, Jordan

There are 30 banks situated in Amman, Jordan with 67 branches and 75 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
BANK OF JORDANShmeisani Abdel Hamid Sharaf StreetAmmanJordan
ARAB BANKShaker Ben Zeid Street, SchmeisaniAmmanJordan
ARAB BANKShaker Ben Zeid Street, ShmeisaniAmmanJordan
JORDAN AHLI BANKShmeisani Queen Noor StreetAmmanJordan
JORDAN COMMERCIAL BANKAbdullah Ii Bin Al-Hussein Street, Airport Road, 8Th CircleAmmanJordan
JORDAN ISLAMIC BANK11Th August Str, ShmeisaniAmmanJordan
JORDAN ISLAMIC BANKAl Thaqafa Street, 3, Shmeisani AreaAmmanJordan
JORDAN ISLAMIC BANKAl-Yarmouk StreetAmmanJordan
JORDAN ISLAMIC BANKKhalid Bin-Al Walid StreetAmmanJordan
JORDAN ISLAMIC BANKKing Faisal StreetAmmanJordan
JORDAN ISLAMIC BANKSaqf El-Sail StreetAmmanJordan
JORDAN ISLAMIC BANKWasfi Al-Tel StreetAmmanJordan
JORDAN KUWAIT BANKUmmaya Bin Abed Shams St, 62AmmanJordan
KAMAL EXCHANGE CO L.LCAl-Shareef Naser Bin Jameel St, Kamal ComplexAmmanJordan
KAMIRAN ALI AND PARTNER EXCHANGE COAlmadina Almonawara Street, 242, Aljumaira CenterAmmanJordan
MUSHARBASH EXCHANGE L.LCWasfi Al-Tal Street, 133, Floor 1AmmanJordan
RAFIDAIN BANKAl Kulliyah Al Elmiyah St, 56AmmanJordan
SAFWA ISLAMIC BANKSulaiman Al Nabulsi Street, AbdaliAmmanJordan
SECURITIES DEPOSITORY CENTERAl-Mansour Bin Abi Amer Street, 11AmmanJordan
ARAB BANKAirportAmmanJordan

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