Explore SWIFT code for banks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has 61 local & international banks operating currently with 946 branches and 1,049 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Bangladesh.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
JANATA BANKMongla Port CompoundBagerhatBangladesh
UTTARA BANKSadar Road, 99, Arya Laxmi BhavanBarisalBangladesh
PRIME BANKHemayet Uddin RoadBarisalBangladesh
NATIONAL BANKSadar Road, 100BarisalBangladesh
JANATA BANKSadar Road, Municipal Super MarketBarisalBangladesh
ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESHEast Bogra Road, 132/121, Sajrini MarketBarisalBangladesh
PUBALI BANKK.B Hemayetuddin Road, 18BarisalBangladesh
RUPALI BANKSadar Road, Barishal, Sadar Road, BarishalBarishalBangladesh
SOCIAL ISLAMI BANKTin Potty, BorogolaBograBangladesh
RUPALI BANKNawab Bari Road, Dr. Yasin PlazaBograBangladesh
PRIME BANKRangpur Road, Baro Gola, 331/364BograBangladesh
BASIC BANKBaragola, Hari Dashi Market, 120, Bhabani Shachin BhabanBograBangladesh
NATIONAL BANKBarogola BazarBograBangladesh
UNITED COMMERCIAL BANKJhawtola, 221, Pashari MansionBograBangladesh
ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESHThana Road, 801BograBangladesh
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE INVESTMENT AND COMMERCE BANKKabi Nazrul Islam Sarak, Madhu-Metro Tower, Floor 1BograBangladesh
UTTARA BANKNazrul Islam Road, Habib Mansion, Floor 1BograBangladesh
JANATA BANKBaragula, JhautolaBograBangladesh
MERCANTILE BANKBarogola, Bogra SdarBograBangladesh
SONALI BANKBogra Main RoadBograBangladesh

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