Bank Name Branch Address City Country
BANK OF TAIWANChifley Square, 2SydneyAustralia
BANK OF TAIWANGuang Ming South Road, 1, Sheng Long Financial Center, Floor 39FuzhouChina
BANK OF TAIWANZhujiang Road West, 5, 24GuangzhouChina
BANK OF TAIWANZhongshan East-1 Road, 7, Floor 30ShanghaiChina
BANK OF TAIWANQueen'S Road, 28, Central Tower, Floor 22CentralHong Kong
BANK OF TAIWANQueen'S Road Central, 28, Central Tower, Floor 23CentralHong Kong
BANK OF TAIWANUchisaiwaicho, 2-2-2, Fukokuseimei Building, Floor 7Chiyoda-KuJapan
BANK OF TAIWANRaffles Place, 80, Uob Plaza 2, 28, 20SingaporeSingapore
BANK OF TAIWANCradock Avenue, 11RosebankSouth Africa
BANK OF TAIWANCheng-Kung Road, 130Changhua CityTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANLukung Road, 2Changhua CityTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANJhongsing Rd, 353Chiayi CityTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANJungshiau Rd, 602Chiayi CityTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANChung Shan Road, 306Chiayi CityTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANSianghe 1St Road, 2, Taipao CityChiayi CityTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANLin Sen Road, 369, Lin HsienDouliuTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANWen Hua Road, 27DouliuTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANMinquan Rd, 267HsinchuTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANLin Sen Road, 29HsinchuTaiwan
BANK OF TAIWANIndustry East Road Vi, 5, Floor 2HsinchuTaiwan

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