Bank Name Branch Address City Country
BANQUE MISRTalaat Harb Street, 9AlexandriaEgypt
BANQUE MISRHmed Orabi Street, Manshia Square, 1AlexandriaEgypt
BANQUE MISRRoad 26 July, 9, El AzaritaAlexandriaEgypt
BANQUE MISRTalaat Harb Street, 18AlexandriaEgypt
BANQUE MISRAdly St Dowen Towen, 22CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRCornich El-Nil Baulag, Cairo Plaza BuildingCairoEgypt
BANQUE MISREl Kamel, Mohamed Street, 10CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRKasr El Aini Street, 106CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRKasr El Nil Street, 45CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRMohamed Farid Street, 151CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRMoustafa Kamel Street, 105CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRTalaar Harb Street, 10, Ever Green TowerCairoEgypt
BANQUE MISROrabi Square, 4CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRMohamed Farid Street, 153, Banque Misr TowerCairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRMohamed Farid Street, 153CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISR26Th July Street, 28CairoEgypt
BANQUE MISRSultan Hussein StreetPort SaidEgypt
BANQUE MISREl Gomhora Street, Gulf TowerPort SaidEgypt
BANQUE MISRKhaleefa StreetDubaiUnited Arab Emirates

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