Explore SWIFT code for banks in Barbados

Barbados has 13 local & international banks operating currently with 14 branches and 16 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Barbados.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
SCOTIABANKBroad StreetBridgetownBarbados
RBC ROYAL BANKBroad StreetBridgetownBarbados
REPUBLIC BANKIndependence SquareBridgetownBarbados
CENTRAL BANK OF BARBADOSSpry Street, Tom Adams Financial CentreBridgetownBarbados
FIRST CITIZENS BANK THE MUTUAL BUILDINGLower Broad Street, 1, Beckwith PlaceBridgetownBarbados
AMICORP BANK AND TRUSTHigh Street, Carleton Court, Floor 2, St. MichaelBridgetownBarbados
CONTINENTAL BANK CORPHighway 7, 629-0100, Lewis Tower, Floor 3, RockwellChrist ChurchBarbados
RBC BARBADOS TRADING BANK CORPORATIONSt. James, 1, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, 2Nd Level, Floor 3HoletownBarbados
MANUFACTURERS LIFE REINSURANCEThe Goddard Building, Haggatt Hall, Floor Main FloorSaint MichaelBarbados
OCCIDENTAL BANK BARBADOS ()Lower Collymore Rock, 8305340, John Lovell Building, Floor 1Saint MichaelBarbados
CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT BANKBuilding B, WildeySaint MichaelBarbados
CIDEL BANK AND TRUST INCFinancial Place, 1, Lr. Collymore Rock, Suite 100Saint MichaelBarbados
FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANKMichael Mansoor Buidling, WarrensSaint MichaelBarbados
FIRSTCARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL BANKThe Michael Mansoor Building, WarrensSaint MichaelBarbados

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