Explore SWIFT code for Belfast, United Kingdom

There are 7 banks situated in Belfast, United Kingdom with 20 branches and 258 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
NORTHERN BANKDonegall Square WestBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANKDonegall Sq WestBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANKUpper GalwallyBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANK353 Lisburn RoadBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANK518-520 Upper Newtownards RoadBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANK49-51 University RoadBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANK564-568 Falls RoadBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANKFloor 1, Donegall Square WestBelfastUnited Kingdom
NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK11-16 Donegall Square EastBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANK39 Mallusk RoadBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANK45-48 High StreetBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANKFloor 1, Donegall SquareBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANKFloor 6, Northern House, Donegall Quare NorthBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANKLondonderry Business Centre, Donegall Sq WestBelfastUnited Kingdom
NORTHERN BANKOmagh Business Centre, Donegall Sq WestBelfastUnited Kingdom
PROGRESSIVE BUILDING SOCIETYWellington PlaceBelfastUnited Kingdom
ROK CAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT7 Donegal Square WestBelfastUnited Kingdom
BANK OF IRELAND1 Donegall Square SouthBelfastUnited Kingdom
BARCLAYS BANK-BelfastUnited Kingdom
AIB BANKFirst Trust Centre, 92 Ann StreetBelfastUnited Kingdom

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