Explore SWIFT code for banks in Bolivia

Bolivia has 16 local & international banks operating currently with 37 branches and 40 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Bolivia.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
BANCO BISACalle Nationiel Aguirre , S-508CochabambaBolivia
BANCO DE CREDITO DE BOLIVIAAvenida Avacucho , S-311CochabambaBolivia
BANCO ECONOMICOCalle Nataniel Aguirre, Ladislao CabreraCochabambaBolivia
BANCO MERCANTIL SANTA CRUZNataniel Aguirre Esquina CalamaCochabambaBolivia
BANCO NACIONAL DE BOLIVIANataniel Aguirre , E-198, Edificio B.N.BCochabambaBolivia
BANCO PYME DE LA COMUNIDADAv. Ballivian , 576CochabambaBolivia
BANCO UNIONCalle Sucre , E-0348, Edificio Camara De ComercioCochabambaBolivia
BANCO BISAAvenida 16 De Julio , 1628, Edificio BisaLa PazBolivia
BANCO CENTRAL DE BOLIVIAAyacucho Esq. MercadoLa PazBolivia
BANCO DE CREDITO DE BOLIVIAAv. Hernando Siles, 5555, Torre Empresarial EsimsaLa PazBolivia
BANCO ECONOMICOAv. Camacho , 1245-1267La PazBolivia
BANCO FIEGeneral Gonzales , 1272La PazBolivia
BANCO FORTALEZA SAAvenida Arce Esquina Cordero , 2799La PazBolivia
BANCO MERCANTIL SANTA CRUZCalle Ayacucho Esquina Mercado ,, 295 - Zona CentralLa PazBolivia
BANCO NACIONAL DE BOLIVIAAv. Camacho , 1296La PazBolivia
BANCO NACIONAL DE BOLIVIAAvenida Camacho , 1296, Edificio B.N.BLa PazBolivia
BANCO NACIONAL DE BOLIVIAAvenida Camacho Esquina Colon, 1296, Zona CentralLa PazBolivia
BANCO PRODEMEsquina Sanchez Lima, Belisario, Salinas , 520 - SopocachiLa PazBolivia
BANCO PYME ECOFUTUROAvenida Sanchez Bustamante,, Esquina Calle 9, 302 - Zona, CalacotoLa PazBolivia
BANCO SOLIDARIOCalle Nicolas Acosta 2, 89, San PedroLa PazBolivia

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