Explore SWIFT code for banks in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia And Herzegovina has 22 local & international banks operating currently with 25 branches and 26 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Bosnia And Herzegovina.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
MF BANKA A.D BANJA LUKAVase Pelagica , 11ABanja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina
NLB BANKA A.D BANJA LUKAMilana Tepica , 4Banja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina
NOVA BANKA AD BANJALUKAKralja Alfonsa Xiii , 37ABanja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina
UNICREDIT BANKMarije Bursac , 7Banja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina
BPS BANKA A.D BANJA LUKAJevrejska 69Banja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina
ADDIKO BANKAleja Svetog Save , 13Banja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina
ATOS BANK AD BANJA LUKAJevrejska, 71Banja LukaBosnia And Herzegovina
NASA BANKA A.D BIJELJINAPatrijarha Pavla , 3BijeljinaBosnia And Herzegovina
UNICREDIT BANKKardinala Stepinca , BbMostarBosnia And Herzegovina
CENTRALNA BANKA BOSNE I HERCEGOVINEMarsala Tita , 25SarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
NLB BANKA D.D SARAJEVOKosevo , 3SarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
PRIVREDNA BANKA SARAJEVO DDObala Kulina Bana , 18SarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
RAIFFEISEN BANK D.D BOSNA I HERCEGOVINAZmaja Od Bosne , BbSarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
SPARKASSE BANK DD BIHZmaja Od Bosne , 7SarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
UNION BANKA D.D SARAJEVOHamdije Kresevljakovica , 19SarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
ZIRAATBANKZmaja Od Bosne , 47SarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
INTESA SANPAOLOObala Kulina Bana , 9ASarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
BOSNA BANK INTERNATIONAL DDTrg Djece SarajevaSarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina
CENTRALNA BANKA BOSNE I HERCEGOVINEM. Tita , 25SarajevoBosnia And Herzegovina

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