Explore SWIFT code for Bucharest, Romania

There are 43 banks situated in Bucharest, Romania with 58 branches and 64 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
NATIONAL BANK OF ROMANIALipscani, 25BucharestRomania
NATIONAL BANK OF ROMANIALipscani, 25, IiiBucharestRomania
KMG ROMPETROLPiata Presei Libere, 3-5, City Gate North Tower, Floor 1-6BucharestRomania
LIBRA BANKCalea Vitan, 6-6A, Sector 3BucharestRomania
LIBRA BANKCimpineanu Street, 11BucharestRomania
MINISTRY OF FINANCECnif, Poenaru Bordea 3-5, Libertatii Blv 16, Sector 5BucharestRomania
OMV PETROM SACoralilor Street, 22BucharestRomania
OTP BANK ROMANIAStr. Buzesti, 66-68, Sector 1BucharestRomania
PATRIA BANKSoseaua Pipera, 42, Globalworth Plaza, Floor 10BucharestRomania
PROCREDIT BANKBuzesti Street, 62-64, Cascade Center, Sector 1BucharestRomania
RAIFFEISEN BANKCalea Floreasca, 246C, Sky Tower Building, Floor 2-7,10,15, 1St District 246CBucharestRomania
SUPERBETBuzesti, 75-77 - Floor 2 - Room 5, Sectorul 1BucharestRomania
TBI BANK EAD SOFIAPutul Lui Zamfir, 8-12, Floor 4BucharestRomania
TECHVENTURES BANK SADinicu Golescu Blvd, 38, Cfr Palace, 1-St DistrictBucharestRomania
TRANSFONDBd. Ficusului, 1, Sector 1BucharestRomania
UNICREDIT BANKExpozitiei Blvd, 1F, Sector 1BucharestRomania
VISTA BANKEmanoil Porumbaru Street, 90-92, Sector1BucharestRomania
ING BANKAviator Popisteanu Street, 54A, No. 3, Expo Business ParkBucharestRomania
TRANSFER RAPID ELECTRONICBulevardul Unirii, 72, Floor 8BucharestRomania

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