Explore SWIFT code for Bursa, Turkey

There are 8 banks situated in Bursa, Turkey with 30 branches and 31 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.S23 Nisan Mah., 75.Yil Cad. 5A/15, Nilufer, Durmazlar Is MerkeziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SAltinsehir Mah, Ahmet Taner Kislali, Bulvari No:36A/A NiluferBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SAta Mah. Serbest Bolge Orkide 13/1, GemlikBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SCekirge Mah. Cekirge Cad, 153 A, Baticabintas Apt, OsmangaziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SDoganbey Mah. Fevzi Cakmak Cad 52/B, OsmangaziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SDuacinari Mahallesi Ankarayolu Cad., B Blok Apt. No:171-173B YildirimBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SGazi Caddesi, 6/A, KestelBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SHamidiye Mahallesi, Istiklal Cad 31, GemlikBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SIhsaniye Mah. Izmir Yolu Cad. 118 A, NiluferBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SKaracabey, Tavsanli Mahallesi Bursa Cad 31 A/5, Necmi Akkus SitesiBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SMuradiye Mahallesi Yalova Cadd 38/A, OrhangaziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SMustafa Karaer Cad. Demirtas Org, S, An. Bolge Mud, OsmangaziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SOrganize Sanayi Bolgesi Ali Sonmez, Bulvari Bankalar Cad. NiluferBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SPanayir Mahallesi, Yeni Yalov,, 455/F - OsmangaziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SRessam Sefik Bursali Cad. 5, Heykel, OsmangaziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SSinanbey Mahallesi Nuri Dogrul, Cadddesi No.19 InegolBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SSogukkuyu Mahallesi 1.Hurriyet, Caddesi, No:24-26BBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.STuzpazari Mah. Cumhuriyet Cadde 114, OsmangaziBursaTurkey
TURK EKONOMI BANKASI A.SUcevler Mahallesi Ahiska Cad. 10, A NiluferBursaTurkey

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