Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CHINA CITIC BANKZhongxing Road, 1AnqingChina
CHINA CITIC BANKJiefang Road, 30AnyangChina
CHINA CITIC BANKTian'E Middle Road, 178BaodingChina
CHINA CITIC BANKYouyi Street, 64, Baotou City InneBaotouChina
CHINA CITIC BANKChaoyangmen Beidajie, 8, Fuhua Mansion, Block C, Dongcheng DistrictBeijingChina
CHINA CITIC BANKGuanghua Rd, 10, Citic Tower, Chaoyang DistrictBeijingChina
CHINA CITIC BANKChaoyangmenbeidajie, 8, Fuhua Mansion, C Block, Dongcheng DistrictBeijingChina
CHINA CITIC BANKTushan East Road, 1859, Caifu BuildingBengbuChina
CHINA CITIC BANKJiefang West Rd, Yihe Mansion, Floor 3CangzhouChina
CHINA CITIC BANKChangchun Street, 1177ChangchunChina
CHINA CITIC BANKXiangjiang North Road, 15000, Beichen Shidai Square, A1 Floor F41ChangshaChina
CHINA CITIC BANKDiaoqiao Road, 1-41, Floor 2ChangzhouChina
CHINA CITIC BANKTianfu Avenue, 1480, La Defense Building, North Section, Floor 15ChengduChina
CHINA CITIC BANKHadastreet, 128ChifengChina
CHINA CITIC BANKWest Street, 5, Citic Plaza, 22, Jiangbei TownChongqingChina
CHINA CITIC BANKLangya Road, 79ChuzhouChina
CHINA CITIC BANKRenmin Road, 29, Floor 2DalianChina
CHINA CITIC BANKHongfu Road, 106, Nanfeng Center, Nancheng DistrictDongguanChina
CHINA CITIC BANKFuqian Avenue, 128DongyingChina

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