Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKJintai East Road, 276, Building 30, Floor 1-4, Rongcheng CountyBaodingChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKTaipingqiao Dajie, 16, Xicheng DistrictBeijingChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKFuxingmennei Street, 158, Ocean Plaza, Xicheng DistrictBeijingChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKFuxingmennei Street, 18BeijingChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKFuchengmenwai Street, 29, Xicheng DistrictBeijingChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKDongminzhu Street, 3ChangchunChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKFurong Zhonglu, 465-467, Jinyuan Plaza, South Building, 8ChangshaChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKTiantai Road, 120, High-Tech ZoneChengduChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKMinsheng Road, 181, Yuzhong DistrictChongqingChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKZhongshan Square, 8, Zhongshan DistrictDalianChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKDegui Road, Wenquan Street, 127, Gulou DistrictFuzhouChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKWest Huangpu Blvd., 100, R And F Yingtai Plaza Tower A, Floor 23AGuangzhouChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKBimhaidadao, 81, Nanyang Mansion, 1-2HaikouChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKHuan Cheng Xi Lu, 108HangzhouChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKWenfuijhe, 4-1HarbinChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKIntersection Of Qianshan And Qimen, Xindi Center Plaza, Block B, Bldg 7, Zhengwu DistrictHefeiChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKEast Xincheng Street, 88HohhotChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKMaanshanku, 2-1, Shandong Mansion, 11JinanChina
CHINA DEVELOPMENT BANKDongfengxilu, 158KunmingChina

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