Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKBeishuncheng Street, Fuxing Men, 21BeijingChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKSixteenth Road Bohai, 601, International BuildingBinzhouChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKZiyou Street, 1111, Chaoyang DistrictChangchunChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKFurong Mid-Road, 60, Ping An BuildingChangshaChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKZhengfu Street, 173ChengduChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKLinjiang Zhilu, 2, Hejing Building, Yuzhong DistrictChongqingChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKLuxun Road, 19, Zhongshan DistrictDalianChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKDongcheng Road, Yujing New Time Square, Floor 2DongguanChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKJinan Road, 47, Technology Trade Centre, Dongying DistrictDongyingChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKJihuawu Road, 23, Floor 1-3FoshanChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKJiangbin Middle Avenue, 316, China Merchants Bank Tower, Floor 15-17, Taijiang DistrictFuzhouChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKHuasui Road, 5, China Merchants Bank TowerGuangzhouChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKNorth Zhonghua Road, 284GuiyangChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKShimao North Road, 1, Building C Coast Number OneHaikouChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKJiefang Road, 175HangzhouChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKDongdazhi Street, 168, Nangan DistrictHarbinChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKChangtiang Road, 436HefeiChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKXinhua Road, 56HohhotChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKChaoshan Street, 21JinanChina
CHINA MERCHANTS BANKGuhuai Road, 136JiningChina

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