Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CTBC BANK COHuaxia Road, 8 - Guangzhou Int'L, Financial Plaza - Floor 6, Zhujiang New Town - Tianhe DistGuangzhouChina
CTBC BANK COCentury Avenue, 100, Floor 27, Pudong New AreaShanghaiChina
CTBC BANK CO-ShanghaiChina
CTBC BANK COShen Chang Road, 818, Floor 27,11F, 1104-1105ShanghaiChina
CTBC BANK COZhongxinsi Rd, Kerry Plaza, No.1, Tower 1, Unit 401A And 402A2B, Futian Dist.ShenzhenChina
CTBC BANK CONorth Donggang Rd, 29, Ganghang BuildingXiamenChina
CTBC BANK COHsiao Yang Road, 76Changhua CityTaiwan
CTBC BANK COMing Sheng North Road, 241Chiayi CityTaiwan
CTBC BANK COHsinghua Street, 2DouliuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COJianjhong Rd, 32, Floor 1HsinchuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COGuanxin Rd, 35, Floor 1, East DistHsinchuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COWenxing Rd Sec. 2, 36, Floor 1HsinchuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COGuangming 6Th Rd, 49, Floor 1HsinchuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COShipin Rd, 301HsinchuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COJingguo Road, 62, Floor 1HsinchuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COChung-Cheng Road, 158HsinchuTaiwan
CTBC BANK COGongyuan Rd, 1-7, Floor 1HualienTaiwan
CTBC BANK COJhongshan Rd, 376, Floor 1HualienTaiwan
CTBC BANK COCingnian Rd, 315, Floor 1, Fongshan DistrictKaohsiungTaiwan
CTBC BANK COChing Nian 1St Road, 29KaohsiungTaiwan

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