Explore SWIFT code for banks in Cyprus

Cyprus has 54 local & international banks operating currently with 80 branches and 103 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Cyprus.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECENissi Ave, 26, Shop 20Ayia NapaCyprus
ALPHA BANK CYPRUSArch Macarios Iii Avenue, 28LarnacaCyprus
CSC EUROPE23 Zachariadhes Court, Floor 2, 15 Nicodemou Mylona StreetLarnacaCyprus
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECEZinon Kitieos Street, 39LarnacaCyprus
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECEArch. Makarios Iii Avenue, 46LarnacaCyprus
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECEDiamont Court Kat 1B Kolonakiou, 43-1 B Tt4103LimassolCyprus
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECEAg. Philaxis Str, 212, Floor 1LimassolCyprus
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECEAg. Philaxis, 212LimassolCyprus
SINARA FINANCIAL CORPORATIONGeorgiou Karaiskaki, 17, Limassol Business Centre, Floor 4LimassolCyprus
MERITKAPITALMakarios Avenue, 256, Eftapaton Court, Floor 2LimassolCyprus
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECEArch.Makarios C Ave, 93A Tt4003LimassolCyprus
RONIN EUROPEPythagoras Street, 3, Pythagoras Court, Office 301LimassolCyprus
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECEOmonias, 57 Tt3052LimassolCyprus
RCB BANKAmathountos Street, 2LimassolCyprus
OMEGA FUNDS INVESTMENTGeorgiou A' Str, 1, Monastiraki Center, Floor 3LimassolCyprus
JORDAN KUWAIT BANK28Th October Street, 319, Kanika Business Center, Floor 7LimassolCyprus
SHF.MADVISORSSpyrou Kyprianou, 38, Ccs Bldg, Floor 2LimassolCyprus
JORDAN AHLI BANKAnexartissias 1 Street, Pecora TowerLimassolCyprus
ARAB JORDAN INVESTMENT BANKOlympion Street, 23, Libra TowerLimassolCyprus

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