Explore SWIFT code for El Menia, Egypt

There are 8 banks situated in El Menia, Egypt with 16 branches and 18 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTAl-Arfani Street, Governmental Authorities Complex, MallawiEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTBlock No. (1), Menia Industrial ZoneEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTEl Horia StreetEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTEl Ibrahimeya St.,Beside Fac Of, Dentstry,Misr Aswan Agricultural RdEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTInt. Mattay Conduit St. With, Zamzam St., Markaz StEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTJamal Abdel Nasser St, Corniche, Adwa CityEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTPlot Of Land In City Service, Center Of The Communities AuthorityEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTPort Said Street, 116El MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTPort Said St, SamaloutEl MeniaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTSharqi Square - Minya Branch, Abdel Moneim Al Sharqi Square -, Minya City - Minya GovernorateEl MeniaEgypt
SUEZ CANAL BANKEl Horreya St, Ex King Farouk, The, East Nile, 195BEl MeniaEgypt
COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL BANK EElhorrya St, 195/B, El CornichEl MeniaEgypt
EGYPTIAN ARAB LAND BANKMahmoud Hussin, 41El MeniaEgypt
AGRICULTURAL BANK OF EGYPTEl Horria Street Next To Moderiat, E L AmnEl MeniaEgypt
AHLI BANKEl-Gomhorya StreetEl MeniaEgypt

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