Bank Name Branch Address City Country
FAYSAL BANKBilal Road, Civil LinesFaisalabadPakistan
FAYSAL BANKF10 Markaz, 2-G Capital Business CentreIslamabadPakistan
FAYSAL BANKRazia Sharif Plaza, Blue Area, 90E Blue AreaIslamabadPakistan
FAYSAL BANKTrade Centre, 11/13 I.I. Chundrigar RoadKarachiPakistan
FAYSAL BANKFaysal House, Faysal Bank Head Off Floor 4, 2 Street-2 Sh-E-Faisal, Street No 2KarachiPakistan
FAYSAL BANKIsmail Trade Centre, G-2, Plot Mr-6/51/1, Ram Bharti Street, Jodia BazarKarachiPakistan
FAYSAL BANKKhayaban-E-Shahbaz, 23C, Phase ViKarachiPakistan
FAYSAL BANKMain University Road, B-35, Block 13/A, Gulshan-E-IqbalKarachiPakistan
FAYSAL BANKQuality Height, Clifton, Kda Scheme No.5KarachiPakistan
FAYSAL BANKShaheed-E-Millat Road, 6, Iqbal Arcade, Block 3/7KarachiPakistan
FAYSAL BANKDha Lahore Cantt, 136, Block H, Phase 1LahorePakistan
FAYSAL BANKM.M. Alam Road, 105 B-2, GulbergLahorePakistan
FAYSAL BANKShahrah-E-Quaid-Azam, 43, The MallLahorePakistan
FAYSAL BANK121-B Chowk KutcheriMirpurPakistan
FAYSAL BANKAbdali Road, 66BMultanPakistan
FAYSAL BANKSaddar Road, Super MarketPeshawarPakistan
FAYSAL BANKShahrah-E-AdalatQuettaPakistan
FAYSAL BANKHaider Road, 32RawalpindiPakistan
FAYSAL BANK17 Paris RoadSialkotPakistan

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