Explore SWIFT code for Geneva, Switzerland

There are 100 banks situated in Geneva, Switzerland with 119 branches and 163 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
COMPENSWISSBd Georges-Favon , 6GenevaSwitzerland
BANQUE LOMBARD ODIER ET CIE SARue De La Corraterie , 11GenevaSwitzerland
BUNGERoute De Florissant , 13GenevaSwitzerland
UNION BANCAIRE PRIVEE UBP SARue Du Rhone , 96-98GenevaSwitzerland
UBS SWITZERLAND AGRue Du Rhone , 8GenevaSwitzerland
BANCO SANTANDER INTERNATIONALRue Ami-Levrier , 5-7GenevaSwitzerland
BANQUE PICTET ET CIE SARte Des Acacias , 60GenevaSwitzerland
BANQUE SYZ SAQuai Des Bergues , 1GenevaSwitzerland
BNP PARIBAS SAPlace De Hollande , 2GenevaSwitzerland
CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL SARLPlace Des Bergues , 3GenevaSwitzerland
UNIGESTIONAvenue De Champel , 8CGenevaSwitzerland
INVESTOR GESTION SAPlace Des Philosophes, 18GenevaSwitzerland
JL SECURITIES SARue Du Rhone , 60, Floor 2GenevaSwitzerland
J.P MORGAN-GenevaSwitzerland
J.P. MORGANRue De La Confederation , 8GenevaSwitzerland
J.P. MORGANRue De La Confederation , 8, Confederation CentreGenevaSwitzerland
KENDRA SECURITIES HOUSE SAPlace Saint-Gervais , 1GenevaSwitzerland
LF FINANCERue Du Rhone , 86, Floor 3GenevaSwitzerland
LITASCO SARue Du Conseil-General , 9GenevaSwitzerland

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