Explore SWIFT code for banks in Guatemala

Guatemala has 17 local & international banks operating currently with 18 branches and 19 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Guatemala.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
BANCO PROMERICA15 Calle, 1-04, Oficina Principal, Zona 10GuatemalaGuatemala
VIVIBANCO SOCIEDAD ANONIMA13 Calle, 5-46, Vivibanco, Floor 1, Zona 9GuatemalaGuatemala
BAC REFORMADOR38-39 Avenida Petapa, Zona 12GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO AGROMERCANTIL DE GUATEMALA7A. Avenida 7-30, Zona 9GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO AZTECA DE GUATEMALAPlaza Panamericana, Floor 1, 9-00 Av La Reforma, Zona 9GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO DE GUATEMALA22-01 7A Avenida, Zona 1GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO DE GUATEMALABanco De Guatemala, 22-01 7A Av., Zona 1GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO DE LOS TRABAJADORESTorre Financiera, Floor 8, Avenida Reforma 6-20, Zona9GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO FICOHSA11 Calle, 7-44, Zona 9GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO G AND T CONTINENTAL6A. Avenida, 9-08, Plaza G And T Continental, Zona 9GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO INDUSTRIAL7 Avenida, 5-10, Centro Financiero Torre 1, Floor 3, Zona 4GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO INMOBILIARIOEdificio Galerias Espana., 11-59 7A AvenidaGuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO INTERNACIONALTorre Internacional, 15-85 Avenida Reforma, Zona 10GuatemalaGuatemala
BANCO INV10 Calle A, 0-79, Zona 10GuatemalaGuatemala
BANRURALAvenida La Reforma, 2-56, Zona 9GuatemalaGuatemala
CITIBANK CO.3 Avenida, 13-78, Torre Citibank, Floor 16, Zona 10GuatemalaGuatemala
EL CREDITO HIPOTECARIO NACIONAL DE GUATEMALA7A Avenida, 22-77, Edificio El Credito, Floor 1, Zona 1GuatemalaGuatemala
IMAGENES COMPUTARIZADAS DE GUATEMALA S. AEdificio Platina, Floor 2, 16-62 5Ta AvenidaGuatemalaGuatemala

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