Bank Name Branch Address City Country
HANG SENG BANKSouth Tower Beijing Kerry Centre, Floor 18, 1 Guang Hua RoadBeijingChina
HANG SENG BANK28/F Tower 1 Intl Finance Square, No 1 Sect 3 Hongxing Road Jinjiang, District ChengduChengduChina
HANG SENG BANKKingdom Plaza, Dong Cheng Zhong LuDongguanChina
HANG SENG BANKHang Seng Bank Building, Floor Gf, 50 North Nanhai Avenue, Guicheng Nanhai District FoshanFoshanChina
HANG SENG BANKMing Ri Hua Fu, Units 123,, 125, 126, Xingui Road, Tee, Daliang Street Office, ShundeFoshanChina
HANG SENG BANKSansheng International Center, East Tower Floor 39, 118 Wusi RoadFuzhouChina
HANG SENG BANKKing Board Building, Unit1 Floor Gf, 18 Huacheng RdGuangzhouChina
HANG SENG BANKHangzhou Kerry Center, Floor 7, 385 Yan An RoadHangzhouChina
HANG SENG BANKHuamao Building Tower3, Unit 1 Floor 17, 11 Wen Chang Yi Rd, JiangbeiHuizhouChina
HANG SENG BANKWanda Plaza, Unit 1 Floor 29, Pengjiang DistrictJiangmenChina
HANG SENG BANKShandong Chamber Of Commerce Tower, 51 Weier Road, Shizhong DistrictJinanChina
HANG SENG BANKDian Chi Time Square Tower B, Floor 17, 384 Dian Chi RdKunmingChina
HANG SENG BANKAsia Pacific Tower, Floor 12, 2 Hanzhong Rd, Gulou DistrictNanjingChina
HANG SENG BANKJiaheng Plaza, Floor 3, 1848 Zhongshan East RoadNingboChina
HANG SENG BANKHang Seng Bank Tower, G/F 35/F Floor Gf, 1000 Lujiazui Ring RdShanghaiChina
HANG SENG BANKOriental Int. Cultural Trade Center, Room 5 Floor 20, 2 Maji Road W, Aigaoqiao Free Trade Zone ShanghaiShanghaiChina
HANG SENG BANKHang Seng Bank Tower, 34/F, 36/F, Unit 031, 1000 Lujiazui Ring Road, ChinaShanghaiChina
HANG SENG BANKBlk 2, Unit 103-203/104-204, 179 Jinsha Rd, Longhu Dist, Hexin Xinghu CityShantouChina
HANG SENG BANKShenzhen Kerry Centre, Block 2 Floor G, 1 Zhongxin Fourth Rd, FutianShenzhenChina
HANG SENG BANKKerry Plaza, Block 2 Floor G, 1 Zhongxin Fourth Road, FutianShenzhenChina

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