Explore SWIFT code for Hanoi, Vietnam

There are 40 banks situated in Hanoi, Vietnam with 116 branches and 118 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
VIETNAM RUSSIA JOINT VENTURE BANKYetkieu Street, 1, Hoankiem DistrictHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKCat Linh, 11B - Hapro - Floor 1-5, Quoc Tu Giam - Dong Da DistHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKGiai Phong Str, 1277, Hoang MaiHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKHang Voi Street, 35, Bidv TowerHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKHoang Quoc Viet, 98, Cau GiayHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKKim Ma Str, 521, Handi Resco, Ba Dinh Dist.HanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKLac Long Quan Str, 683, Tay HoHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKLang Ha, 30-32, Dong DaHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKMinh Khai Str, 458, Tower 1, Floor 1-2, Hai Ba Trung DistHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKNational Highway 3, 51, Soc Son TownHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKNghia Lai Hamlet, Uy No Commune, Do Ng AnhHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKNguyen Trai Str, 448-450HanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKNguyen Van Cu, 564, Gia LamHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKPhan Chu Trinh, 23, Hoan Kiem Dist.HanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKQuang Trung, 484, Ha DongHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKTran Quang Khai Str, 198, Hoan Kiem Dist.HanoiVietnam
KEB HANA BANKKim Ma Street, 360, Daeha Business Center, Floor 14, Ba Dinh DistrictHanoiVietnam
KOOKMIN BANKCau Giay New Town, E6 - Keangnam, Hanoi Landmark Tower - Floor 25, Me Tri Ward - Nam Tu LiemHanoiVietnam
JOINT STOCK COMMERCIAL BANKTran Quang Khai St, 198, Vietcombank TowerHanoiVietnam

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