Bank Name Branch Address City Country
HUA XIA BANKAngang Garden, 9-1A, Tiedong DistrictAnshanChina
HUA XIA BANKWest Qiyi Road, 372BaodingChina
HUA XIA BANKAowei Road, No.6, Heping CommunityBaodingChina
HUA XIA BANKSteel Str, 19, Qing Shan DistrictBaotouChina
HUA XIA BANK11 Finance Street, 11, Xicheng DistrictBeijingChina
HUA XIA BANKJianguomennei Street, 22, Hua Xia Mansion, Room 1715BeijingChina
HUA XIA BANK-BeijingChina
HUA XIA BANKHuanghe Wu Road, 303BinzhouChina
HUA XIA BANKEast Jiefang Road, 6CangzhouChina
HUA XIA BANKRenmin Street, 4888ChangchunChina
HUA XIA BANKChuanzihe Street, 1, Goldenxiaodaoclub House - Floor 1, Xiaodao Commnuity - Wuling DistrictChangdeChina
HUA XIA BANKWest Jianguo Road, 66, Huamei BuildingChangjiChina
HUA XIA BANKWuyi Road, 389, Huameiou BuildingChangshaChina
HUA XIA BANKNorth Heping Road, 9ChangzhouChina
HUA XIA BANKRenming East Road, 48ChengduChina
HUA XIA BANKWuling Road, 1, Linyi Wealth CenterChenzhouChina
HUA XIA BANKYouth Road, 18, Yuzhong DistrictChongqingChina
HUA XIA BANKWan Hua Road, No.1DaliChina
HUA XIA BANKRenming Road, 91, Zhongshan DistrictDalianChina
HUA XIA BANKTianqu Roade(East, No.1161, Lvcheng Baihe Huayuan CommercialDezhouChina

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