Bank Name Branch Address City Country
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'M. Iadze Street, 8AkhaltsikheGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Luka Asatiani, 20BatumiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Vagzali Street, 5GardabaniGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Stalini Street, 4GoriGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Sanapiro Street, 10GurjaaniGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Z. Phaliashvili Street, 35KutaisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Rustaveli Street, 74MarneuliGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Ioane Petritsi Street, 6OzurgetiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Rustaveli Street, 13PotiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Rustaveli Street, 38 A.RustaviGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Chanturia, 14, Head Office Building, Floor 3TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Chanturia Street, 14TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'G. Chanturia Street, 14TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Leselidze Street, 4TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Rustaveli Ave, 16-18TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Tamar Mepe Avenue, 15TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Vaja-Pshavela Avenue, 21TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'G. Saakadze Street, 3TelaviGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'M. Phaliashvili Street, 7ZugdidiGeorgia

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