Explore SWIFT code for Kampala, Uganda

There are 30 banks situated in Kampala, Uganda with 31 branches and 33 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CITIBANK CO.Plot 4 Ternan Avenue Centre Court, NakaseroKampalaUganda
STANDARD CHARTERED BANKSpeke Road, 5, Standard House BuildingKampalaUganda
KCB BANK UGANDAKampala Road, 7, Central Division Commercial PlazaKampalaUganda
NCBA BANK UGANDAPlot 10 Kafu Road NakaseroKampalaUganda
OPPORTUNITY BANKOld Kiira Road, 1259, Opportunity House, Floor 4KampalaUganda
POSTBANK UGANDAPlot 4/6 Nkrumah RoadKampalaUganda
STANBIC BANK UGANDAHannington Road, 17, Crested Towers Short Tower, Floor 11KampalaUganda
TOP FINANCE BANKKampala Road, Plot 53, Floor 1KampalaUganda
TROPICAL BANKKampala Road, 27KampalaUganda
UGANDA SECURITIES EXCHANGEPlot 3-5 New Portbell Road, Block A, Floor 4, Uap Nakawa Business ParkKampalaUganda
UNITED BANK FOR AFRICAPlot 22 Jinja Road, Spear HouseKampalaUganda
BANK OF AFRICA-UGANDAPlot 45 Jinja RoadKampalaUganda
BANK OF BARODAKampala Road, 18, Bank Of Baroda BuildingKampalaUganda
BANK OF INDIAPlot No 37 Jinja RoadKampalaUganda
BANK OF UGANDA-KampalaUganda
BANK OF UGANDAKampala Road, 37/43KampalaUganda
CAIRO BANK UGANDAPlot 30 Kampala RoadKampalaUganda
CENTENARY RURAL DEVELOPMENT BANKKampala Road Plot 2 Burton Street, 44-46, Mapeera HouseKampalaUganda
CREDIT FONCIER16 - 17 Nyonyi Gardens, KololoKampalaUganda
DFCU BANKPlot 26 Kyadondo Road, Dfcu Towers, NakaseroKampalaUganda

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