Bank Name Branch Address City Country
LAND BANK OF TAIWANFu Cheng Road, 99, Floor 17, Unit 1703-04ShanghaiChina
LAND BANK OF TAIWANZeng Jin Dao, 28TianjinChina
LAND BANK OF TAIWANLinjiang Avenue, 96, Wuhan Wanda Center, Floor 41, Unit 01-03/09-12WuhanChina
LAND BANK OF TAIWANRaffles Place, 80, Uob Plaza 1, Unit 34-01SingaporeSingapore
LAND BANK OF TAIWANGuang Fu Road, 98Changhua CityTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANJhanglu Rd. Sec. 7, 399Changhua CityTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANChung Shan Road, 100, Yuanlin ChenChanghua CityTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANZihyou Rd, 28Chiayi CityTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANJianguo Rd, 126Chiayi CityTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANChung Shan Rd, 309Chiayi CityTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANMinjhu Rd, 90DouliuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANLinsen Rd, 490, Huwei TownshipDouliuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANJhongshan Rd, 72DouliuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANJhong Jheng Rd, 102, Hukou TownshipHsinchuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANChung Yang Road, 1HsinchuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANChung Shing Rd, 195, 52Nd BuildingHsinchuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANChung Hua Rd, 76, Hsinchu Industrial DistrictHsinchuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANTung Lin Road, 10HsinchuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANSianjheng 9Th Rd, 130HsinchuTaiwan
LAND BANK OF TAIWANBeida Rd, 221HsinchuTaiwan

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