Explore SWIFT code for banks in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has 225 local & international banks operating currently with 225 branches and 701 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Luxembourg.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
FUNDSDLTAvenue Du Swing, 7BelvauxLuxembourg
JOYSON AUTO SAFETYRue Du Puits Romain, 33BertrangeLuxembourg
CITIBANK CO.Za Bourmicht, 31, Atrium Business Park, CharlotteBertrangeLuxembourg
CITIBANK CO.Za Bourmicht, 31BertrangeLuxembourg
BANQUE BCPRue Des Merovingiens Op Bourmicht, 5BertrangeLuxembourg
INTERNATIONAL FUND SERVICES AND ASSET MANAGEMENTRue Edmond Reuter, 25, Campus Contern, Floor 2ConternLuxembourg
RBC INVESTOR SERVICES BANKPorte De France, 14Esch-Sur-AlzetteLuxembourg
FERRERO INTERNATIONALCasa Ferrero, Nd, 16 Route De TrevesFindelLuxembourg
B AND S GROUPRue Strachen, 14, MensdorfGrevenmacherLuxembourg
NAVAXXRue De Flaxweiler, 17GrevenmacherLuxembourg
MOVENTUM S.C.AHowaldHesperangeLuxembourg
NOMURA BANKRue De Gasperich, 33, Block A H2OHesperangeLuxembourg
DENNEMEYERRue Des Bruyeres, 55HowaldLuxembourg
SUMITOMO MITSUI TRUST BANKRue Peternelchen, 2HowaldLuxembourg
SKANDINAVISKA ENSKILDA BANKENRue Peternelchen, 4HowaldLuxembourg
FINOLOGEERue Jean Fischbach, 7LeudelangeLuxembourg
CAPITALAT WORK FOYER GROUPRue Leon Laval, 12LeudelangeLuxembourg
BANQUE RAIFFEISENRue Leon Laval, 4LeudelangeLuxembourg
WEALINSRue Leon Laval, 12LeudelangeLuxembourg
NORTHERN TRUST GLOBAL SERVICES SERue Du Chateau D'Eau, 10LeudelangeLuxembourg

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