Bank Name Branch Address City Country
MUFG BANKMacquarie Place, 1, Gateway, Floor 25SydneyAustralia
MUFG BANKSchwarzenbergplatz 5/3.2WienAustria
MUFG BANKGovernment Avenue, Standard Chartered Building, Floor 6ManamaBahrain
MUFG BANKBoulevard Louis Schmidt, 29BrusselsBelgium
MUFG BANKBay Street, 200, Royal Bank Plaza, South Tower, Suite 1800TorontoCanada
MUFG BANKWest Hastings Street, 999, Suite 1040VancouverCanada
MUFG BANKDong-San Huan Bei Lu, 5, Beijing Fortune Building, Chaoyang DistrictBeijingChina
MUFG BANKShun Cheng Dajie, Tower 2, Plaza Central, Floor 18, Jinjiang DistrictChengduChina
MUFG BANKZhongshan Road, 147, Senmao Building, Floor 11, Xigang DistrictDalianChina
MUFG BANKJiangbinzhong Avenue, 363, Floor 5, Unit 01,02,03, Taijiang DistrictFuzhouChina
MUFG BANKHuaxia Road, 8, International Finance Place, Floor 24GuangzhouChina
MUFG BANKYan'An Road, 385 - Hangzhou Kerry, Centre, Building 2 - Floor 10, Unit 1002,1003,1004 - Xiacheng, DistrictHangzhouChina
MUFG BANKHongkong Middle Road, 61, Cosco Plaza, Floor 20QingdaoChina
MUFG BANKHaiyang West Road, 399, New Bund Times Square, Floor 16, Pudong New DistrictShanghaiChina
MUFG BANKHaiyang West Road, 399, New Bund Times Square, Floor 17, Pudong New DistrictShanghaiChina
MUFG BANKQingnian Street, 286, China Resources Building, Floor 20, Heping DistrictShenyangChina
MUFG BANKQianhai Road, Kerry Business Centre Qianhai, T2, Floor 18ShenzhenChina
MUFG BANKEast Suzhou Avenue, 289, Guangrong Building, Floor 15-16, SipSuzhouChina
MUFG BANKNanjing Road, 75, Tianjin International Building, Floor 21TianjinChina
MUFG BANKZhongshan Avenue, 1628, Corporate Center 5, Suite 2008WuhanChina

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