Explore SWIFT code for Narayanganj, Bangladesh

There are 28 banks situated in Narayanganj, Bangladesh with 35 branches and 35 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
MERCANTILE BANKBangabandhu Road, 64-90, H R PlazaNarayanganjBangladesh
MERCANTILE BANKChakdev, Main Road, NaogaonNarayanganjBangladesh
NATIONAL BANKS.M. Maleh Road, 11, Tan BazarNarayanganjBangladesh
NATIONAL CREDIT AND COMMERCE BANKBangabandhu Road, 187, Taramia MansionNarayanganjBangladesh
ONE BANKHaque Plaza, Bb Road, 5, Floor 2, ChasharaNarayanganjBangladesh
PRIME BANKAdamjee Epz, SiddirganjNarayanganjBangladesh
PRIME BANKS.M. Maleh Road, 56, Modern Model ComplexNarayanganjBangladesh
PUBALI BANKBangabandhu Road, 2NarayanganjBangladesh
RUPALI BANKS. K. Road, 32NarayanganjBangladesh
SHAHJALAL ISLAMI BANKS M Maleh Road, 56/1, Osman TowerNarayanganjBangladesh
SOCIAL ISLAMI BANKS. M. Maleh Road, 3, TanbazarNarayanganjBangladesh
SONALI BANKB.B. RoadNarayanganjBangladesh
SONALI BANKSanatanpal Lane, Sonali Bank Limited BhabanNarayanganjBangladesh
SOUTHEAST BANKS. M. Maleh Road, Tanbazar, 26-29NarayanganjBangladesh
THE PREMIER BANKSm Maleh Road, 53/3NarayanganjBangladesh
TRUST BANK THEAlam Khan Lane, 1NarayanganjBangladesh
UNITED COMMERCIAL BANKPadma City Plaza, S.M.Maleh Rd, 55/B, 1, Tanbazar, Floor 2NarayanganjBangladesh
UTTARA BANKB.B Road, 150NarayanganjBangladesh
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE INVESTMENT AND COMMERCE BANKBangabandhu Road, 66/1, Jahan Super MarketNarayanganjBangladesh
ISLAMI BANK BANGLADESHS.M. Maleh Road, 40NarayanganjBangladesh

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