Bank Name Branch Address City Country
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTPudong Avenue, 1, Marine Tower, 12B07ShanghaiChina
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTJordan Square, Banks Complex10Th Of RamadanEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTPalm Mall-East Sommed Services Area, El Motamayz District6Th Of OctoberEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTElwahat Road, Dream Land City6Th Of OctoberEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTSmart Village6Th Of OctoberEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTThe Distinguishab Qu, 24, 24 The Fourth Neighbourhood6Th Of OctoberEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTElhay Elmotamez, Mena Garden6Th Of OctoberEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTBank'S SquareAbu SimbelEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTAdeeh Maaked St, Shopping CenterAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPT14Th Of May St., In Front Of Green, Plaza - SemouhaAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTDigital Parts, 21A, 22 A, Nasiriyah Al - Amriyah DistrictAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTArmy Road, 336, Saba PashaAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTBashayer Al-Khair 3- Al-Qabbary, Invstment Zone-Banks DistrictAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTAl-Aman Street, 161AlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTAl Horreya Road, 116AlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTAlexandria Port, 14, Investment BuldingAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTAlexandria Library, ShatbyAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTAmir El Bahr St., Moharram Bey, 42, Moharram BeyAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTCairo Desert Road International Par, End Of Suez Canal StreetAlexandriaEgypt
NATIONAL BANK OF EGYPTEk-Ekbal St, 19, El-SarayaAlexandriaEgypt

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