Explore SWIFT code for Prague, Czechia

There are 47 banks situated in Prague, Czechia with 50 branches and 66 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CITIBANK CO.Bucharova, 2641/14PragueCzechia
UNICREDIT BANKZeletavska, 1525/1PragueCzechia
SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO.Sokolovska, 394/17, Floor 6PragueCzechia
KOMERCNI BANKA A.SNa Prikope, 33PragueCzechia
MBANK ORGANIZACNI SLOZKAPernerova, 691/42PragueCzechia
MERCURIUS PARTNERS S.R.OI.P.Pavlova Square, 3, Floor 3PragueCzechia
MONETA MONEY BANK A.SVyskocilova, 1442/1B, Bb CentrumPragueCzechia
MUFG BANKKlicperova, 3208/12PragueCzechia
NARODNI ROZVOJOVA BANKA A.SJeruzalemska, 964/4PragueCzechia
PKO BP BANKKlimentska, 1216/46PragueCzechia
PPF BANKA A.SEvropska, 2690/17, Ppf GatePragueCzechia
RAIFFEISENBANK A.SHvezdova, 1716/2B, City TowerPragueCzechia
RAIFFEISENBANK A.S.Karolinska, 661/4, Amazoun Court, Floor 5PragueCzechia
SARMAYE ETHICA RIPAM S.ERevolucni, 1082/8PragueCzechia
SBERBANK CZ A.SU Trezorky, 921/2PragueCzechia
SMART PAYMENT SOLUTIONS A.SNamesti I. P. Pavlova, 1785/3, Nove MestoPragueCzechia
TRINITY BANK A.SSenovazne Namesti, 1375/19PragueCzechia
PAYMENT EXECUTION S.R.ORevolucni, 724/7, Stare MestoPragueCzechia

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