Explore SWIFT code for banks in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has 36 local & international banks operating currently with 37 branches and 38 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Puerto Rico.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
STERN INTERNATIONAL BANKMetro Office Park 3, Suite 406, Street 1GuaynaboPuerto Rico
INTERCAM BANCO INTERNACIONAL INCRoad 165, 48, City View Plaza I, Floor 3, Suite 319GuaynaboPuerto Rico
BANCO SAN JUAN INTERNACIONAL INCCalle Tabonuco, B5, Galeria San Patricio, Suite 207GuaynaboPuerto Rico
FACEBANK INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONCll Parkside, 17, 2, Metro Office Park Valencia Bldg, Floor 6, Suite 600GuaynaboPuerto Rico
ORIENTAL BANKMunoz Rivera, 254Hato ReyPuerto Rico
ANDCAPITAL BANK INTERNATIONAL CORPAmerican International Plaza, 250 Ave. Luis Munoz RiveraHato ReyPuerto Rico
ITALBANK INTERNATIONAL INCBolivia Street, 33San JuanPuerto Rico
JIC BANKPonce De Leon Ave. , 268, Hato Rey Center, Suite 804San JuanPuerto Rico
NEXT BANK INTERNATIONAL INCPonce De Leon Ave. , 268, Hato Rey Center, Floor 10, Suite 1012San JuanPuerto Rico
NODUS INTERNATIONAL BANKPonce De Leon Avenue, 208, Popular Center, Suite 1114San JuanPuerto Rico
STANDARD INTERNATIONAL BANKMunoz Rivera Avenue, 250, American International Plaza, Floor 3, Suite 330San JuanPuerto Rico
STATETRUST INTERNATIONAL BANK AND TRUSTRoad 20, Martinez Nadal Ave, Km2.2, 107, Corporate Office Park AssertusSan JuanPuerto Rico
TBB INTERNATIONAL BANK CORPAve Juan Ponce De Leon, 221, Plaza, Floor 11San JuanPuerto Rico
TC LATIN AMERICA PARTNERSCalle Palmeras, 53, El Caribe Office Bldg, Floor 601San JuanPuerto Rico
TOLOMEO BANK INTERNATIONAL CORPMunoz Rivera Avenue, 270, Floor 504San JuanPuerto Rico
WTC INTERNATIONAL BANK CORPORATIONAvenida Luis Munoz Rivera, 270, Plaza, Hato Rey OfficeSan JuanPuerto Rico
ZENUS BANK INTERNATIONALAve Ponce De Leon, 252, Citi Tower, Floor 19San JuanPuerto Rico
BANCARIBE INTERNATIONAL BANK INCCalle Bolivia, 33, Floor 8San JuanPuerto Rico
BANCOLOMBIA PUERTO RICO INTERNACIONAL INCMunoz Rivera Avenue, 270, Suite 502San JuanPuerto Rico
BANCO POPULAR DE PUERTO RICOMunoz Rivera Avenue, 209, Popular Center Building, Suite 913San JuanPuerto Rico

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