Explore SWIFT code for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

There are 56 banks situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with 65 branches and 81 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
FIRST ABU DHABI BANKKing Fahd Road, Al Cayan Tower, Floor 1RiyadhSaudi Arabia
CITIGROUP SAUDI ARABIAKing Fahad Street, Kingdom Tower, Floor 20, Suite 2008RiyadhSaudi Arabia
BANK AL-JAZIRA-RiyadhSaudi Arabia
BANQUE SAUDI FRANSIAl-Maather, Floor GfRiyadhSaudi Arabia
SAUDI BRITISH BANK THEIbn Mossaad Ibn Jalawi Street, Al-Amir Abdul AzizRiyadhSaudi Arabia
SAUDI BRITISH BANK THEIbn Mossaad Ibn Jalawi Street,, Al-Amir Abdul AzizRiyadhSaudi Arabia
SAUDI INVESTMENT BANK THEAl-Ma'Ther RoadRiyadhSaudi Arabia
J.P MORGAN SAUDI ARABIA COMPANYKing Fahd Road, Al-Faisaliah Tower, Floor 8RiyadhSaudi Arabia
RIYAD BANKGranada Oasis, Eastern Ring Road, A1 Tower, Al Shuhada DistrictRiyadhSaudi Arabia
JPMORGAN CHASE BANKAl-Faisalia Tower, Floor 25RiyadhSaudi Arabia
MERRILL LYNCH KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIAKing Fahad Road, Kingdom Tower, Floor 20RiyadhSaudi Arabia
MOBILYMobily C1, Street Number, 92, Floor 3RiyadhSaudi Arabia
MUFG BANKKing Fahd Road, East Wing Al Nakhlah Tower, Floor 13, As Sahafah Dist.RiyadhSaudi Arabia
NATIONAL BANK OF BAHRAINKing Fahad Highway, 834, Al-Amaar BldgRiyadhSaudi Arabia
NATIONAL BANK OF IRAQKingdom Tower, Floor 28RiyadhSaudi Arabia
NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTANKing Fahad Road, Near Damac Towers, Opp Kingdom Tower, 857 - Building, No. 867 - Floor 2NdRiyadhSaudi Arabia
NATIONAL INDUSTRIALIZATION COMPANYQurtubah, The Business Gate, Floor 1RiyadhSaudi Arabia
NAYIFAT FINANCE COMPANYAl-Quds, King Abdullah Road, Exit, 10RiyadhSaudi Arabia
DEUTSCHE BANK-RiyadhSaudi Arabia

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