Bank Name Branch Address City Country
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Jian Guo Lu, 118, China Merchants Tower, Floor 23, Chio Yang DistrictBeijingChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Jian Guo Lu, 118, Merchants Tower, Floor 23, Chao Yang DistrictBeijingChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Lizezhongyuan 2 Road, 2, B-Building, Floor 2, Chaoyang DistrictBeijingChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Xiaguangli, 9, Zhongdian Fazhan Building, Floor 12, Chaoyang DistrictBeijingChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Houjie High Tech Industrial ZoneDongguanChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Kexue Avenue, 185 - A3 Bldg, 510663 - Science City - Luogang, DistrictGuangzhouChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Jiangnan Road, 380, Weiling Building, Binjiang DistrictHangzhouChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Zhongshan Road, 268, Huijie Plaza, 8NanjingChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Hua Qiao Cheng, Hantang Building, Floor 19, Nanchan DistrictShanghaiChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Yan An (W) Rd, 1118V, Cloud Nine Plaza, Floor 15ShanghaiChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Zhanghen Road, 180-2-2, PudongShanghaiChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Gaoxinzhong 4 Road, 31, 12 Build, Unit B1-B4, Nashan DistrictShenzhenChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Suhong East Road, 501SuzhouChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Fangzhou Road, 198, Suzhou Industrial ParkSuzhouChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Fangzhou Road, 318, Suzhou Industrial ParkSuzhouChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Feng Li Street, 337, Suzhou Industrial ParkSuzhouChina
SAMSUNG INVESTMENT CO.Jin Ji Hu Road, 15, Suzhou Industry ParkSuzhouChina

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