Bank Name Branch Address City Country
SOCIETE GENERALEBligh Street, 1-7, Floor 25SydneyAustralia
SOCIETE GENERALEPrinz-Eugen-Strasse 8-10/5/Top 11WienAustria
SOCIETE GENERALEPlace Du Champ De Mars, 5, Tour BastionBrusselsBelgium
SOCIETE GENERALERue Des Colonies-Koloniestraat, 11, Park AtriumBrusselsBelgium
SOCIETE GENERALEMcgill College Avenue, 1501, Suite 1800MontrealCanada
SOCIETE GENERALEXinyuan South Road, 8 - Genesis, Beijing Building4 West T - Floor 12, 01-14 Unit - Chaoyang DistrictBeijingChina
SOCIETE GENERALEXinyuan South Road, 8 - Genesis, Beijing Building4 West T - Floor 12, 15-16 Unit - Chaoyang DistrBeijingChina
SOCIETE GENERALEZhujiang Xi Road, No.5 - Guangzhou, Intl Finance Center - Floor 22, Room 2203 - TianheGuangzhouChina
SOCIETE GENERALECentury Blvd, 88, Jin Mao Tower, Floor 41, Pudong New AreaShanghaiChina
SOCIETE GENERALE16 Cours MirabeauAix En ProvenceFrance
SOCIETE GENERALE4 Rue Sergent CasalongaAjaccioFrance
SOCIETE GENERALE45 Place Du ViganAlbiFrance
SOCIETE GENERALERue Saint BlaiseAlenconFrance
SOCIETE GENERALE3-5 Rue De La RepubliqueAlesFrance
SOCIETE GENERALE47 Rue Des Trois CaillouxAmiensFrance
SOCIETE GENERALE15 Rue D'AlsaceAngersFrance
SOCIETE GENERALEAvenue George ClemenceauAngoulemeFrance

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