Explore SWIFT code for Sofia, Bulgaria

There are 32 banks situated in Sofia, Bulgaria with 35 branches and 39 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CITIBANK CO.Sitnyakovo Blvd, Serdika Offices, 48, Floor 10SofiaBulgaria
KBC BANK BULGARIA EADN.Vaptzarov Blvd, Expo2000, Phase 3, 55SofiaBulgaria
MUNICIPAL BANK ADVrabcha Street, 6SofiaBulgaria
MYFIN EADDragan Tsankov, 37SofiaBulgaria
PAYNETICS ADJames Bourchier, 76A, Hill Tower 1SofiaBulgaria
PROCREDIT BANK EADTodor Alexandrov Blvd, 26SofiaBulgaria
TBI BANK EADDimitar Hadjikocev Str, 52-54SofiaBulgaria
T.C ZIRAAT BANKASISveta Nedelya Square, 19SofiaBulgaria
TEXIM BANK ADTodor Alexandrov Blvd, 117SofiaBulgaria
TOKUDA BANK ADGeorg Washington, 21SofiaBulgaria
UNICREDIT BANKMakedonija Street, 41SofiaBulgaria
UNICREDIT BANKMaria Louisa Blvd, 2SofiaBulgaria
UNICREDIT BANKSveta Nedelya Square, 7SofiaBulgaria
UNITED BULGARIAN BANKVitosha Blvd, 89B, Millennium CenterSofiaBulgaria
VARENGOLD BANKChristopher Columbus Blvd, 43, Floor 9SofiaBulgaria
ING BANKBulgaria Blvd, 49BSofiaBulgaria
INTERNATIONAL ASSET BANK ADTodor Alexandrov Blvd, 81-83SofiaBulgaria
INVESTBANK JSCBulgaria Blvd, 85SofiaBulgaria
IP INTERCAPITAL MARKETS ADDobrudzha Street, 6SofiaBulgaria

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