Explore SWIFT code for banks in Sweden

Sweden has 111 local & international banks operating currently with 118 branches and 176 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for in Sweden.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
IF SKADEFOERSAKRING ABBarks Vag , 15BergshamraSweden
AB LINDEX-GoeteborgSweden
GETINGE TREASURY ABLindholmspiren , 7GoeteborgSweden
NORDEA BANK ABP FILIAL I SVERIGEOestra Hamngatan , 16GoteborgSweden
SKF INTERNATIONAL ABHornsgatan , 1GoteborgSweden
SKANDINAVISKA ENSKILDA BANKENOestra Hamngatan , 24GoteborgSweden
VOLVO TREASURYArce, Fastningsvagen , 3, 16GoteborgSweden
VOLVO CAR CORPORATIONAvd. Hb3S, 50090GoteborgSweden
MOLNLYCKE HEALTH CARE ABMolnlycke Health Care Ab, Floor 4, Gamlestadsvagen 3CGoteborgSweden
DANSKE BANKOestra Hamngatan, 13GoteborgSweden
SVENSKA HANDELSBANKEN ABOstra Hamngatan , 23GoteborgSweden
EWELLIX ABLilla Waterloogatan 8GothenburgSweden
AB VOLVOAmazonvagen 1GothenburgSweden
VOLVO TREASURYM2, Regnbagsgatan 1GothenburgSweden
VILLEROY AND BOCH GUSTAVSBERGOdelbergs Vag , 11GustavsbergSweden
SAAB ABBroderna Ugglas Gata , H 209, 1, Floor 2LinkopingSweden
SHFM OVERSEAS SWEDEN FILIALForeningsgatan , 28/3009MalmoSweden
SECURITAS DIRECT ABAngbatsbron , 1MalmoSweden

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