Explore SWIFT code for Tbilisi, Georgia

There are 16 banks situated in Tbilisi, Georgia with 32 branches and 33 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
JSC BANK OF GEORGIAGagarini Street, 29ATbilisiGeorgia
JSC BANK OF GEORGIAD. Agmashenebeli Avenue, 79TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'CARTU BANK'Chavchavadze Avenue, 39 ATbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'CARTU BANK'Vekua Str, 1TbilisiGeorgia
JSC CREDO BANKR.Tabukashvili Str, 27, Building N5, Mtatsminda DistrictTbilisiGeorgia
JSC ISBANK GEORGIAAghmashenebeli Ave, I., Chavchavadze Ave, 140B/D, 72A, Vake Plaza Business Center - Floor, 10TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'LIBERTY BANK'Chavchavadze Ave, 74TbilisiGeorgia
JSC PASHA BANK GEORGIAIlia Chavchavadze Avenue, 37MTbilisiGeorgia
JSC TERABANKKetevan Tsamebuli Ave, 3TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Chanturia, 14, Head Office Building, Floor 3TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Chanturia Street, 14TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'G. Chanturia Street, 14TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Leselidze Street, 4TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Rustaveli Ave, 16-18TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Tamar Mepe Avenue, 15TbilisiGeorgia
JSC 'VTB BANK GEORGIA'Vaja-Pshavela Avenue, 21TbilisiGeorgia
JSC ZIRAAT BANK GEORGIASanapiro Street, 6TbilisiGeorgia
NATIONAL BANK OF GEORGIASanapiro St, 2TbilisiGeorgia
PROCREDIT BANK GEORGIAAl. Kazbegi Ave, 21TbilisiGeorgia

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