Bank Name Branch Address City Country
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAChaoyangmen North Avenue, 8, Fuhua Mansion, Block A, Floor 1, Doncheng DistrictBeijingChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIA3Rd Section, Middle Furong Rd,, No.398 - Xin Shi Kong Building, Tianxin DistrictChangshaChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIA1Ste Section, Renmin South Road, 86, The City Tower, Floor 10ChengduChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAZou Rong Road, 131, World Trade Center Chongqing, Floor 43, Yu Zhong DistrictChongqingChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIARenmin Road, 7, Bank Of East Asia Building, Gf / Floor 1, Zhongshan WardDalianChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAWusi Road, 128, Heng Li Cheng Office Tower, Unit 02, Gulou DistrictFuzhouChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIATian He Bei Road, 183, Metro Plaza, Groundfloor And Floor 3GuangzhouChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAQingchun Road, 228-230, Gong Xiao BuildingHangzhouChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAXinyang Road, 502-7, Europe New City, Dao Li DistrictHarbinChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAHuaihe Road, 266, Hongkong Square, Floor 26HefeiChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAGong He Street, 6, 1/F, Shi Zhong DistrictJinanChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIARen Min Zhong Road, 6, Kun Chuan Tower, 1/F, Panlong DistrictKunmingChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIALvyin Road,Honggutuan, 129, Lianfa Square, Floor 45, New DistrictNanchangChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAHong Wu Road, No 23, Bai Xia City, Room 101 And 102NanjingChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAJin Pu Road, 20, Guangxiifc, Block A, Floor 10, Unit 8,9,10NanningChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAAvenue, 1357, 1/F, Rooms 102, Yinzhou DistrictNingboChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAHongkong Xi Road, No. 67, Huirong Square, Building Of Block A, GroundfloorQingdaoChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIAHua Yuan Shi Qiao Road, 66, Bea Finance Tower, Floor 27ShanghaiChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIASzechuen Road Central, 299, Bank Of East Asia BuildingShanghaiChina
THE BANK OF EAST ASIASichuan Road, 299, Bank Of East Asia Building, Central ShanghaiShanghaiChina

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