Explore SWIFT code for Tirana, Albania

There are 15 banks situated in Tirana, Albania with 17 branches and 17 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
MINISTRY OF FINANCE OF ALBANIABlvd Deshmoret E Kombit, 3TiranaAlbania
PROCREDIT BANK SH. A ALBANIARr. Sami FrasheriTiranaAlbania
PROCREDIT BANK SH. A ALBANIARruga Dritan Hoxha H, 15, Njesia Bashkiake 11TiranaAlbania
RAIFFEISEN BANK SH.ARr 'Deshmoret E 4 Shkurtit', 6TiranaAlbania
TIRANA BANKIbrahim Rugova StrTiranaAlbania
UNION BANK SH.AKatesh Perballe Stacionit Te Trenit, Bulvardi Zogu I, Floor 13TiranaAlbania
UNITED BANK OF ALBANIARr. Dritan Hoxha, Nd, 11, Hyrja 3TiranaAlbania
INTESA SANPAOLORruga Ismail Qemali, 27TiranaAlbania
BANKA KOMBETARE TREGTARE SH.ARruga E Vilave, Lunder 1TiranaAlbania
BANKA OTP ALBANIA SH.ABlvd.Deshmoret E Kombit, Twin Towers 1St TowerTiranaAlbania
BANK OF ALBANIASheshi Skenderbej, 1TiranaAlbania
BANK OF ALBANIASheshi Skonderbej, 1TiranaAlbania
CREDINS BANKVaso Pasha, 8TiranaAlbania
FIRST INVESTMENT BANK-ALBANIA SHABlvd.Deshmoret E Kombit, Twin Towers No.2TiranaAlbania
ALBANIAN SECURITIES REGISTER ALREGRruga Nikolla Tupe, 1, Njesia Bashkiake 5, Kati 1, Ap 3 Floor 3TiranaAlbania
ALPHA BANK ALBANIAKavaja Avenue, G-Kam Business Centre, Floor 1TiranaAlbania

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