Bank Name Branch Address City Country
UTTARA BANKSadar Road, 99, Arya Laxmi BhavanBarisalBangladesh
UTTARA BANKNazrul Islam Road, Habib Mansion, Floor 1BograBangladesh
UTTARA BANKLaldighi West, 120ChittagongBangladesh
UTTARA BANKAgrabad Com.Area, 74ChittagongBangladesh
UTTARA BANKKhatungonj, 263/284, Ward 35ChittagongBangladesh
UTTARA BANKKandirpar, Dipika Cinema BuildingComillaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKDilkusha Com.Area, 54DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKDar-Us-Salam Road, 5-C, Mirpur-1DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKBir Uttam Shaheed,Ashfaqussamad, 50, SarakDhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKBir Uttam Shaheed,Ashfaqussamad, 47, Bhaban, SarakDhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKMalitola Lane North South Road, 9/ADhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKBir Uttam Shaheed, 47, Ashfaqussamad SarakDhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKKarman Bazar Com.Area, 25-26DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKDilkusha Com.Area, 69DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKGarib E Newaz Avenue, 34, Uttara, Sector 13DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKGanakbari, DhamsonaDhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKBegum Bazar, 5DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKLake Circus,Mirpur Road, 157DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANKBangabandhu Avenue, 12DhakaBangladesh
UTTARA BANK-DhakaBangladesh

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