Explore SWIFT code for Vancouver, Canada

There are 24 banks situated in Vancouver, Canada with 23 branches and 29 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
CENTRAL 1 CREDIT UNIONCreekside Drive, 1441VancouverCanada
JIM PATTISONWest Cordova St, Shaw Tower, Floor 18VancouverCanada
MEGA INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANKWest Pender Street, 1095, Ste. 1250VancouverCanada
MUFG BANKWest Hastings Street, 999, Suite 1040VancouverCanada
OTRY CAPITAL INCW Hastings Street, 400VancouverCanada
ROYAL BANK OF CANADAWest Georgia Street, 1055, International Trade CentreVancouverCanada
SBI CANADA BANKFraser Street, 6433VancouverCanada
TAZAPAY CANADA CORP398-2416 Main StVancouverCanada
TORONTO-DOMINION BANK THEW. Georgia Street, 200, Suite 480VancouverCanada
UBS BANKWest Hastings Street, 999, Suite 650VancouverCanada
UNITED OVERSEAS BANKWest Georgia Street, 650, Vancouver Center, 2400VancouverCanada
VALENS PAYKeefer Pl, 58, 2102VancouverCanada
VANCITY CREDIT UNIONTerminal Avenue, 183VancouverCanada
VANCITY CREDIT UNIONWest Hastings Street, 815, 401VancouverCanada
VANCOUVER BULLION AND CURRENCY EXCHANGEWest Pender Street, 800, Floor 120VancouverCanada
BANK OF AMERICA-VancouverCanada
BANK OF CHINA-VancouverCanada
BNP PARIBAS-VancouverCanada
CHIIZU INCRichards Street, 422, 170VancouverCanada

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