Explore SWIFT code for Vilnius, Lithuania

There are 46 banks situated in Vilnius, Lithuania with 49 branches and 60 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
LIETUVOS BANKAS-VilniusLithuania
AB SEB BANKASKonstitucijos Ave. 24VilniusLithuania
SWEDBANK ABKonstitucijos 20AVilniusLithuania
REVOLUT BANK UABKonstitucijos Ave. 21BVilniusLithuania
UAB MEDICINOS BANKASPamenkalnio , 40VilniusLithuania
NASDAQ CSD-VilniusLithuania
PAYSERA LT UABPilaites Pr. 16VilniusLithuania
LIETUVOS BANKASZirmunu G. 151VilniusLithuania
LUMINOR BANKKonstitucijos Ave. 21VilniusLithuania
LUMINOR BANKKonstitucijos Ave. 21AVilniusLithuania
MAJESTIC FINANCIAL UABMesiniu G. 5VilniusLithuania
NASDAQ CSDKonsitucijos Avenue 29VilniusLithuania
NEOCARD UABTopoliu St., 24A-2VilniusLithuania
OP CORPORATE BANKKonstitucijos Pr. 29, Floor 4VilniusLithuania
PAYMONT UABGyneju G. 14-65VilniusLithuania
PAYSOLUT UABGyneju G. , 4-333VilniusLithuania
PAYSWIX UABRaciu , 1VilniusLithuania
SOHO GROUP UABKalvariju , 125VilniusLithuania
LIETUVOS BANKASGedimino 6VilniusLithuania

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