Explore SWIFT code for Wan Chai, Hong Kong

There are 29 banks situated in Wan Chai, Hong Kong with 29 branches and 29 unique SWIFT codes registered. Use the table & filters below to find the exact SWIFT code you are looking for.

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Bank Name Branch Address City Country
KBC BANK NV HONG KONGHarbour Road, 18, Central Plaza, Floor 39Wan ChaiHong Kong
KEXIM ASIAHarbour Road, 18, Central Plaza, Floor 29, Unit 2904-05Wan ChaiHong Kong
KOOKMIN BANKHarbour Road, 18, Central Plaza, Floor 11, Suite 1101Wan ChaiHong Kong
MADISON PACIFIC TRUSTQueen S Road East, 183, Hopewell Centre, Floor 54Wan ChaiHong Kong
NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANKQueen'S Road East, 1, Three Pacific Place, Floor 6Wan ChaiHong Kong
OTT PAY HKHyson Avenue, 8, Eton Tonwer, Causeway Bay, Room No 127Wan ChaiHong Kong
PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANKGloucester Road, 109-111, Tung Wai Commercial Bld, Floor 9, Unit 902Wan ChaiHong Kong
RABOBANK HONG KONGQueensway, 88, One Pacific Place, Floor 13/FWan ChaiHong Kong
RBC INVESTOR SERVICES TRUST HONG KONGHarbour Road, 18, Central Plaza, Floor 40, Suite 4005Wan ChaiHong Kong
SG SECURITIESQueen'S Road, 1, Three Pacific Place, Floor 18Wan ChaiHong Kong
SHANGHAI HUAXIN GROUPHarbour Road, 1, Convention Plaza Office, Tower 1, Floor 8Wan ChaiHong Kong
SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVELOPMENT BANKHennessy Road, 1, Spd Bank Tower, Floor 30Wan ChaiHong Kong
SHOUCHENG HOLDINGSGloucester Road, 56, Bk Of East Asia Harbour View Centre, Floor 7Wan ChaiHong Kong
SOCIETE GENERALEQueen'S Road, 1, Pacific Place, Floor 38, 3Wan ChaiHong Kong
STERLING PAYMENT SERVICESGloucester Road, 128, Neich Tower, Floor 9, Unit DWan ChaiHong Kong
TAI YAU BANKFleming Road, 8, Tai Tung Building, Floor 29Wan ChaiHong Kong
THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLONQueen'S Road East, 1, Pacific Place, Floor 24, 3Wan ChaiHong Kong
VIETNAM FINANCE COMPANYLockhart Road, 20, Golden Star Building, Floor 16Wan ChaiHong Kong
ING BANKQueen'S Road East, 1, Three Pacific Place, Floor 8Wan ChaiHong Kong
JAGOLINKLockhart Road, 333, United Asia Finance Centre, 1 Floor 6Wan ChaiHong Kong

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