Borderless, just like your business

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Get started in minutes

100% online application. Get access to your multi-currency account details and free local transfers within hours
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Transparent and low cost FX

Enjoy savings on international payments, up to 3x cheaper than banks. Always know your costs before making transfers
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Built for global scale

No need for separate accounts, software, or bookkeeping. Scale faster with a fully integrated finance solution, all in one place

Send and receive money in multiple currencies

Get your own international account numbers to receive money in multiple currencies, just like a bank
All your funds are safeguarded with Tier-1 banks in Singapore
Your funds will always be available to you. Aspire never uses any of your funds
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Make fast and transparent international payments

Send and receive international payments in 30+ currencies with low, transparent fees
Enjoy market-leading FX rates, up to 3x cheaper than banks
Avoid nasty surprises with charges and FX rates shown upfront, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. No hidden fees
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Integrated with your accounting software

Reduce manual errors and save hundreds of hours with Aspire’s native Xero integration that updates hourly
Our advanced integrations include receipt attachments with text recognition, line items, and payment status updates
Powerful integrations extend to other accounting platforms like Quickbooks, Oracle Netsuite, Deskera and SAP


Is Aspire a bank?

Aspire is not a bank, but a Payment Services Institution headquartered in Singapore. As a Payment Services Institution, Aspire is able to provide an all-in-one finance operating system for businesses. Aspire cannot utilise customer deposits for any lending or investment purposes.


Are my funds safe?

Your funds are safe with Aspire. Your funds are held strictly segregated in a trust account and safeguarded with a leading Tier 1 bank partner in Singapore.

Singapore is one of the most stable financial hubs in the world, hence we believe that this is one of the safest places to hold money.


What type of businesses are eligible to sign up?

We support businesses globally. Any business that falls within our Acceptable Use Policy can sign up.