How Endowus relies on Aspire’s all-in-one business account to support rapid regional growth

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From streamlining the expense management process to receiving cashback rewards on digital marketing spend for business growth, the Endowus team turned to Aspire for maximised savings and never looked back.


With over S$1 billion in assets in just 20 months, Endowus has grown to become the leading digital advisory platform in Singapore. Specialising in making the investing experience simple and accessible to the everyday investor, they are also the first and only wealth platform that allows Singaporeans to invest their cash, CPF and SRS.


With their sights set on new markets, Endowus needed an all-in-one business account that is both scalable as they expand across the region and has the capability to keep finance costs low as they continue to grow.

As a startup, we needed more flexible solutions to support our increasing needs, as well as ones that’d make the most financial sense in supporting our growth.

Endowus CEO and Co-founder, Gregory Van

In terms of scalability, Endowus’s financial services needs kept increasing as they grew bigger and entered new markets. Hence, they require an all-in-one business account that will give them easy access to a wide range of financial services from borderless payments, multi-user access and more.

Before Aspire, they would need to onboard individual financial service providers to cater to their exact needs. Fortunately, Endowus is able to use Aspire’s all-in-one finance stack to consolidate all their financial softwares in one place一for free.

Aside from expediting expenses processing, the rebates accorded to expenses supporting business growth was definitely the icing on the cake.

On the other hand, as a fast-growing wealth management platform, keeping costs low is crucial. Leaning on traditional banks tend to be costly as they charge fees for business accounts, multiple users, corporate cards, etc.一racking up to a hefty sum. Moreover, perks from corporate card spend are not typically tailored to business expenses such as SaaS products and subscriptions, which results in fewer opportunities to save.


Modern businesses need modern solutions. Endowus needed a solution that could catapult their success to the next level. With more cross-border transactions, expense processing, and marketing spend expected as a result of this expansion, the team needed a business account that’s tailored to their cost-saving needs. This is where Aspire’s free accounts and cards, with low and transparent international transfers, come in handy.

With the Aspire Business Account, users can explore a wealth of personalised features from automated bill pay, accounting software integrations, and multi-user access that cater specifically to all their business needs.

In addition, the Aspire Card comes with cashback on SaaS and marketing spend. Cashback provides increased cost savings, which will then be reinvested back into the business to further fuel its skyrocketing growth.


Choosing Aspire as their preferred business account has reaped a slew of benefits for the Endowus team. From automating their finances with the expense management feature to receiving 1% cashback on all qualified digital marketing and SaaS spend, Aspire continues to play a vital role in the way fast-growing companies like Endowus manage一plus enjoy a boost in cost savings on一their business finances.

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Aspire makes business finance easier - expense management, invoicing, FX, employee claims and more. This is the all-in-one finance OS for your business
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Aspire makes business finance easier - expense management, invoicing, FX, employee claims and more. This is the all-in-one finance OS for your business
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