Manage, automate and optimise your company’s finance with ease

Aspire offers a complete end-to-end solution from a global business account, corporate cards, expense management and access to market leading FX rates. Everything on a single platform
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Simplify business spending and streamline financial processes


Optimise your business spend

Issue unlimited cards to your team, and enable faster and distributed purchasing in a safe and secure manner

Gain real-time visibility

View spends in realtime at a client or project level. Generate expense reports without having to wait till the end of the month

Automate processes

Eliminate manual admin for the entire team with centralised software and powerful accounting automation that drastically streamlines expenses

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Aspire vs Spenmo

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Increase finance operational efficiency

  • Issue unlimited virtual cards for every use case, subscription, or employee to keep finances organised
  • Keep card spend in policy with adjustable spend limits and merchant locks. Update settings, freeze, or cancel cards anytime
  • Employees can submit claims in seconds by scanning receipts via the Aspire app. No more missing receipts
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Keep spending organised with budgets and spend policies

  • Issue physical or virtual cards to your employees, enabling them to make pre-approved expenditures for various purposes such as Travel & Expenses, stipends, offsites, and more.
  • Budget owners can add budget members to manage spending within their own teams or projects
  • Ensure compliance with spend limits and gain real-time visibility into all employee expenses
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Automate your payroll and bulk payments

  • Send international payments in multiple-currencies. All you need is an email
  • Ensure payment accuracy and data security with payroll processing, minimizing errors and risks
  • Schedule and approve payments ahead of time, so you don’t have to think about it after
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corporation bank online account

corporation bank online account

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How Multiplier has Revolutionised the Employment Market, Powered by Aspire’s Expense Management Systems

“Predicting what comes next is never easy. Thankfully, our partnership with Aspire has given us just the tools and insights we need to prepare for any scenario. Thanks to our new expense management solution, we can continue to scale and take on bigger and more exciting clients and projects.”
Amritpal Singh
Co-Founder of Multiplier


How can Aspire support the unique financial needs and challenges of mid-sized businesses?

Aspire offers a comprehensive suite of expense management solutions tailored for mid-market companies. This includes sophisticated corporate cards, advanced budget controls, and streamlined claims and approval policies, all designed to enhance financial efficiency.


How quickly can a mid-market company integrate Aspire's solutions into existing systems and workflows?

Integration with Aspire's expense management solutions is swift and seamless. Mid-market companies can swiftly implement corporate cards with tailored features, set up nuanced budgets, and establish streamlined claims and approval processes, ensuring minimal disruption to existing workflows.


How does Aspire compare to competitors for international money transfers?

Aspire excels in international expense management with FX fees up to 2x cheaper than traditional banks.

Global payments are offered by various providers through business accounts. Read our article to know more about types of business accounts and how to choose the best one for your business. There are many banks and fintech companies offering business accounts to businesses in Singapore. We have covered them all in our blog, you can click the links to view accounts offered by various banks such as DBS, OCBC, Maybank etc.

However, if you are a start-up or a growing business, chances are you may not meet the eligibility criteria for most of these banks or find their charges to be expensive for your liking. You can consider opting for Aspire multi-currency account for global payments which offers you all the benefits, with eligibility criteria which are less stringent. Read our article on bank charges in Singapore for a quick and easy comparison.


What level of customization does Aspire offer to meet the specific financial requirements of mid-market clients?

Aspire understands the diverse financial needs of mid-market clients and provides a high level of customization to tailor solutions accordingly. This includes the ability to customize corporate cards with specific spending limits, rewards, and benefits that align with the unique requirements of each client.

Additionally, Aspire's budgeting features are adaptable to accommodate the distinct financial structures of mid-market enterprises. The platform also allows for fine-tuning approval policies, ensuring they align with the specific workflows and compliance standards of individual mid-market businesses. This commitment to customization empowers mid-market clients to optimize their expense management in a way that best suits their financial goals and operational preferences.


Is there a minimum balance required for Aspire Business Accounts?

No minimum balance is required to keep your SGD, USD, EUR, GBP and IDR Accounts activated.