Scale company spend with control and real-time visibility

Empower operational and employee spend, while keeping the company efficient and informed
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Spending, made smarter

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Empower your team

Issue unlimited corporate cards and budgets, empowering your team to spend right and scale fast
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Real-time control

Monitor spending in real-time, and ensure in-policy spend with the magic of approval flows, spend limits, and merchant locks
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Earn unlimited cashback

Earn 1% cashback from select merchants, stacked on top of FX savings from your multi-currency corporate card spend
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Create enforceable budgets and spend policies

Delegate spend by creating budgets for any use case - projects, clients or teams
Budget owners can add budget members to manage spending within their own teams or projects
Keep spend within policy with approval flows, spend limits, and policies
Get real-time visibility on spend at all times. Know where money was spent, and by whom
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Issue multi-currency corporate cards

With unlimited virtual cards you can issue one for every use case, subscription or team member
Tag cards to budgets, and monitor all card spending in real-time
Keep spend in policy with spend limits and merchant locks. Update settings, freeze, or cancel cards anytime
Save on FX fees and get rewarded with unlimited 1% cashback on qualified digital marketing and SaaS spend
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Reimburse out-of-pocket expenses with claims COMING SOON

Close the loop on non-card purchases with claims that are automatically classified within budgets
Set up and customise your approval matrix based on your organisation’s needs and transaction sizes
Review, approve, and disburse claims all from a single dashboard
Reduce manual entry and error with OCR and smart data recognition technology
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Close your books 2x faster with accounting automations

Reduce manual errors and save hundreds of hours with native integrations and smart data recognition technology
Eliminate receipt chasing with automated receipt requests
Sync card payments, employee claims and even photos of uploaded receipts with Xero with the click of a button
Use Aspire as a central document repository to store all company expenses and supporting documents

Stay on top of it with control and visibility on spend

Experience the better way to manage and organise your corporate spend today
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Is Aspire a bank?

Aspire is not a bank, but a Payment Services Institution headquartered in Singapore. As a Payment Services Institution, Aspire is able to provide an all-in-one finance operating system for businesses. Aspire cannot utilise customer deposits for any lending or investment purposes.

Are my funds safe?

Your funds are safe with Aspire. Your funds are held strictly segregated in a trust account and safeguarded with a leading Tier 1 bank partner in Singapore.

Singapore is one of the most stable financial hubs in the world, hence we believe that this is one of the safest places to hold money.

What type of businesses are eligible to sign up?

We support businesses globally. Any business that falls within our Acceptable Use Policy can sign up.


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