Aspire and Accurate announce partnership to serve a new generation of modern Indonesian businesses

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Ekky Pramana
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March 7, 2024

Aspire, the leading all-in-one finance software for businesses in Southeast Asia, has partnered with Indonesian accounting platform Accurate to provide a comprehensive financial solution for a new generation of modern SMEs in Indonesia. The partnership will enable businesses to gain real-time access to financial services and cross-border payments, allowing them to make faster and more informed decisions to chart their business growth.

Aspire's Business Account and software solutions spanning expense & payables management will be directly integrated with Accurate's new online accounting platform, providing businesses with a real-time overview of their company's financial health. This will help thousands of Indonesian businesses to manage their finances more efficiently and productively.

From 2017 to 2021, Indonesia’s digital economy showed remarkable growth of 414%, and is forecasted to grow a further 62% by 2025. This exponential growth has led to a new generation of tech-savvy and digitally native SMEs, who are in need of more modern solutions to manage their business finances in order to scale on the regional and global stage.

“With the rise of technology and the increasing demand for digital solutions, modern businesses require a more modern and technology-first approach to their financial management. This is where our partnership with Accurate comes in,” said Ferdy Nandes, General Manager (Indonesia) of Aspire. “With Aspire & Accurate, businesses can leverage innovative solutions to streamline their operations, reduce the need for manual entry (and therefore error), and drive growth.”

"This partnership between Aspire and Accurate reflects a shared vision for the future of business finance in Indonesia,”  said Yosep Stephen, CEO Accurate Indonesia.  “Both companies recognize the significant potential of the Indonesian market and aim to provide innovative solutions that enable businesses to manage their finances more efficiently and productively.”

B2B Fintechs like Aspire and Accurate are well-positioned to support their growth. Just this month, Aspire raised US $100M in a Series C fundraising round, and has been featured on several international platforms including Bloomberg and TechCrunch. The company - which serves over 15,000 businesses in the region - has been serving the Indonesian market since late 2019. 

Since then, Aspire has doubled down its offering in Indonesia to build a comprehensive suite of financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of hundreds of clients operating in this market, including Ralali, Sayurbox, Pluang, Evermos, and Haus! Technologies.

To kick off the partnership, Aspire and Accurate will offer an exclusive bundling of their solutions for new businesses who subscribe to both services. Any of Accurate’s paying clients will get 50% off Aspire’s Financial Management plan for 1 year. The first 500 clients to redeem the offer will get a special promotion and invites to exclusive educational events. Learn more here.


About Aspire

Aspire is the all-in-one finance software for new-age businesses. The company serves over 15,000 startups and SMBs in Southeast Asia, helping them save time and money with multi-currency accounts and cards, expense management, payable management, and receivable management solutions - all in one account.

Headquartered in Singapore, Aspire has over 400 employees across four countries and is backed by global top tier VCs, including Sequoia, Lightspeed, and Y-Combinator and key strategic investors like Tencent and Paypal.

About Accurate

Accurate is Indonesia’s first comprehensive business software which has been around since 1999. Their mission is to make it easier for business owners to grow their business through innovative and accurate software.

Currently, Accurate has been trusted by more than 500,000 business owners and is committed to help all business owners run their business. One of which is through their partnership with Aspire.

In recent years, Accurate Indonesia has been increasing their presence vy actively participating in various major exhibitions and conferences, such as Jifhex, Bifhex, SIAL Interfood, and many others. With this, Accurate has grown into the #1 Sustainable SaaS company in Indonesia.

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