Scale your business with ease with our integrated financial solutions

Establish robust financial processes that help you scale while staying in total control. The only finance platform you need to start, run, and scale your startup from pre-seed to IPO
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Streamline your finance operations so you can focus on your business

Get started in minutes

Open an account in minutes, not months, 100% online. Start receiving investor funds and get prepped for global expansion

Control company spending

Enjoy powerful, customisable tools to enforce controls that actually work across your growing team

Boost cashflow and runway

Boost cashflow with cashback, FX savings, and granular data insights to help you make smarter business decisions
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Build a global operation from day zero

  • Onboard and manage your account 100% online from wherever you are, and get dedicated customer support at any time
  • Recently raised a round? Avoid unnecessary fees when cashing in your VC check with SGD, USD, IDR, EUR and GBP accounts
  • Pay and get paid faster with bulk payments and invoice management

Move fast with corporate cards

  • Empower employees to spend when they need to by issuing unlimited, multi-currency corporate cards instantly
  • Maintain strong financial controls over team expenses as with enforceable, budgets and spending limits, and approval policies
  • Great teams need great tools. Easily manage all your SaaS subscriptions across the team so you never lose them
  • Receive unlimited 1% cash back on qualified marketing and SaaS spends
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Put finance in the driving seat

  • Identify opportunities in your spending for better resource allocation. It simple when you have complete visibility over company expenses
  • Easily calculate burn and glimpse into your financial health at any point in time with all expenses consolidated into a unified dashboard
  • Extend your runway with 0.5%  Ads and SaaS cashback, FX savings, and granular insights to make smarter business decisions
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Close your books 2x faster with automation and integrations

  • Enjoy automatic reconciliation with direct integrations to Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, and more
  • Easily retrieve past invoices, proof of payment, and other supporting documents
  • Sync every single detail, including categories, descriptions, and invoices, directly to your favourite accounting software
  • With your books up to date, your ACRA filing at the end of the financial year will be a breeze
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How Endowus supercharged their regional expansion with Aspire

“As a startup, we needed a solution flexible enough to support our increasing needs, and one that made the most financial sense in supporting our growth. On top of expediting expenses processing, the rebates accorded to expenses supporting business growth was definitely the icing on the cake”
- Gregory Van -
CEO and Co-Founder of EndowUs


How can I open a business account in Singapore?

For a business account in Singapore, Aspire is an excellent choice. With a focus on startup and SME needs, Aspire offers a seamless and transparent banking experience.

Benefit from their user-friendly online platform, no minimum balance or account opening fees, and dedicated support for businesses of all sizes.

Aspire is designed to streamline your financial management, making it an ideal partner for entrepreneurs in Singapore.

How long does it take to open an Aspire business account?

Registration with Aspire takes less than 10 minutes which you can do via our website or mobile app.

Once registered, we will get back to you within 5 business days on whether your account has been activated or if we need further documents from you.

Our account verification process varies according to the nature of your business. In exceptional cases, it can take up to 7 days to process your documents.

How can Aspire's corporate cards benefit my startup?

Aspire's corporate cards offer a range of benefits for your startup. Earn 1% unlimited cashback on qualified spends, simplify expense management, enjoy streamlined transactions, and gain real-time insights into spending. With customizable limits, integration with accounting software, and enhanced security features, Aspire's corporate cards are designed to empower your startup's financial efficiency and provide added convenience for your team.

Is Aspire suitable for both early-stage and established startups?

Absolutely, Aspire caters to the needs of both early-stage and established startups. Whether you're just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or have an established business, Aspire offers tailored financial solutions to help streamline your operations.

From managing expenses and optimizing workflows to providing valuable financial insights, Aspire's platform is designed to adapt and scale with your business as it grows. The flexibility and scalability of Aspire make it a suitable choice for startups at various stages of development.

Is there a minimum balance required for Aspire Business Accounts?

No minimum balance is required to keep your SGD, USD and IDR* Accounts activated.

However, we recommend keeping your subscription plan amount available on your balance to ensure you're up to date with your payment every month.*

To create a recipient or make any transaction on your IDR Account, you'll need to have a minimum balance of IDR 10,000 on your account.